This legal health and wellness checkup will help you assess your current legal health to prevent or minimize trouble in your life.  Please take a few minutes to complete this checkup prior to your initial consultation with your attorney.

1.  Do you have a will that has been revised within the last 3 years? ___Yes  ___No 

2.  Do you currently have any concerns about your job or business? ___Yes  ___No 

3.  Do you have adequate life insurance protection? ___Yes  ___No

4.  Do you have adequate medical insurance? ___Yes  ___No

5.  Do you have a written and current listing of all important dates concerning your legal and financial matters? ___Yes  ___No 

6.  Do you have a file, stored in a secure and fireproof location, containing all important documents (for example, wills, titles, securities, contracts, marriage, divorce papers, deeds, pension plans, profit sharing plans)? ___Yes  ___No

7.  Within the past 3 years, have you reviewed the beneficiary designations on insurance policies, pension plans, bank accounts, and other important documents? ___Yes  ___No

8.  Do you have a complete and current personal financial statement that lists in detail all of your personal assets and liabilities?

___Yes  ___No

9.  Do you currently have a monthly budget that details your current income and all expenses? ___Yes  ___No

10.  Do you have any concerns about your debts? ___Yes  ___No

11.  Do you have a complete and current inventory of all your physical possessions sufficient to support a claim in the event of a loss?

___Yes  ___No

12.   Do you have concerns about the academic, emotional, or social development of your child(ren)? ___Yes  ___No

13.    Are there currently extraordinary emotional pressures and stresses in your life? ___Yes  ___No   

14.     After reviewing these questions, are there any matters or issues that you believe should be updated, reconsidered, or brought to the attention of your attorney? Please explain below. ___Yes  ___No

15.  Have any of these questions cause you to consider taking some action or making some further? Please explain below. ___Yes  ___No

16.   Is there any other legal, financial, or personal concern that you believe should be brought to the attention of your attorney? Please explain in attached sheets.  ___Yes  ___No

It is very helpful for you to complete this Checkup and bring it with you to your initial consultation, or at least provide it to your attorney in the early stages of your divorce so that as many of the issues mentioned above may be considered throughout your divorce.